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Featured Loves – Jan 2014


A Happy Year 2014 to all lovely souls out there!

 Let’s have our first ‘FEATURED LOVES’ post for Year 2014

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It grows above your lips, not your hand…

CNC-RR003-Candy Moustache Resizable Rings

handlebar moustache is a moustache named for its resemblance to the handlebars of a bicycle.

The first recorded appearance of a moustache dates back to around 300 B.C. but it is difficult to say when the first handlebar moustache was fashioned.

The handlebar moustache was in vogue throughout the late 1800s. It became a cliche of Western films in twentieth century America, and the Western is now the most common association with the style.

In Europe, handlebar moustaches were often worn by soldiers during the 18th century through roughly the World War I era. The higher a man’s rank, the more elaborate of a moustache he was permitted to wear. It follows that handlebar moustaches would only have been acceptable for high ranking officers.

A handlebar moustache does not include any facial hair on the chin or cheeks; it is solely a moustache. This separates the handlebar from several other types of facial hair, most notably the Fu Manchu moustache.

Characterized by the ends of the moustache that curl upward, the handlebar moustache is a fantastic way to be a bit cool. Here are the steps to grow one cool handlebar moustache:

  • Stop shaving your upper lip for at least six weeks. 
  • Buy yourself a can/bottle of moustache wax.
  • Create a “center parting” in the moustache by combing the moustache hair out from under the nose to the left and to the right respectively. Do it once a day.
  • Trim the center of your moustache with scissors while allowing the ends of your moustache to continue to grow long. 
  • Apply the moustache wax to each side of the moustache and roll it between your fingers back and forth so that you create long slicked hairs.
  • Curl the hair of your moustache at the end using a pen, toothpaste cap or other small round object. Wind the hairs as tightly as possible repetitively. Once you remove the pen or your toothpaste cap, the ends of the moustache will snap curl into perfect handlebars.

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Last but not least, I’ve found this cute Elmo video on moustache and decided to share it with you all:

Sesame Street: Jonah Hill: Mustache

Have fun growing a moustache!

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Grow Your Moustache and Grow Your Heart


As I was doing my routine blog reading, I came across the word ‘Movember’ in many posts and became curious about this. When I searched the web for it, I found out that this is indeed a great event.

For  people, especially men (who has this ability to grow a moustache) who are not aware of this event, here’s a little insight of what this event is about:

Movember (a portmanteau word from moustache and “November”) is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities.

Besides getting an annual check-up, the Movember Foundation encourages men to be aware of any family history of cancer, and to adopt a more healthful lifestyle.

Movember moustaches were first grown in Australia back in 2003 and since that time word of Movember and its men’s health messages have spread across the globe.

Held in November, this is the month in which people gather together to grow and compare moustaches.  Participants begin the month clean shaven and cultivate their moustaches throughout the month for this event.

Movember currently runs official campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, South Africa, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria.

The popularity of Movember as a charity has inspired other annual facial hair growing contests across the world, such as No Shave November and Mustache March. Such events are not affiliated with Movember, and are not registered charitable foundations, although some smaller events have been held to raise money or awareness for different charities.

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Frankly speaking, I am really not aware of this event if not for all those wonderful blogs that I’ve read during the past few days and the collection that we are launching today is actually moustache-related!!! I guess everything just happens for a reason.

Last but not least, we’ve another two more videos for Your Favourite Christmas Song (Part 4):

My Grown Up Christmas Wishes/List is the favourite Christmas song of  Rabbitcancook

Mary Did You Know  is the favourite Christmas song of Gatesitter

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If you are still reading this but has yet to share with us what’s your favourite Christmas song, do share it with us now.

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