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A Life Is Alive


A life is alive

Even the most seemingly unworthy onesĀ 

A life is still worth staying alive

Clouds N Cup 2014

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May this cute and enlightening animation brighten up your lovely Friday!

Have a lively Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead, always!

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Always A Day Away~

Past,Future,Present - 7-12-2012

One fine day, a lady was inside a mall doing her Christmas shopping. Her eyes immediately brightened up when she noticed a poster outside one of her favourite shops:


The next day, she happily skipped into the shop and started putting things into her cart without even looking at the price tags, why bother?

Her eyes almost popped out when the cashier informed her the final amount to be paid.

“Why is it still so expensive? You didn’t even apply the discount.”

The lady glared at the young cashier.


The cashier requested in a stammering tone and so, the lady started reading it out loud.


The moral of this story:

TODAY is a present but you can always enjoy a good discount during TOMORROWs!!

May this short and hopefully laughable story prepare you for a great day ahead!

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I’ll get you next time, Gadget!… Next time!


Ā “I’ll get you next time, Gadget!…Ā Next time!”

The originalĀ animated series,Ā Inspector Gadget, debuted in 1983 and introduced audiences to the adventures of a clumsy, simple-wittedĀ bionicĀ detectiveĀ named Inspector Gadget ā€“ a human being with various bionic gadgets built into his body.

Doctor ClawĀ (his real name is never revealed) is the mainĀ antagonistĀ of the series and leader of the evil M.A.D. organization. Throughout the entire series, Dr. Claw is an unseen character. Only his arms andĀ gauntlet-edĀ hands are visible, leaving the viewer to guess as to his face and body.

Dr. Claw’s preferred mode of transportation/escape is the M.A.D. Car, a black and red vehicle that can transform into a jet or a submarine. He is always seen with his fat pet catĀ M.A.D. Cat,Ā who reaps the benefits of his brief victories and bears the brunt of his defeats.

Dr. Claw’s catch-phrase is“I’ll get youĀ nextĀ time, Gadget!Ā NEXTĀ time!”

It is heard at the end of every episode, during the credits, and is followed by a loud “Mraow” from M.A.D. Cat.

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I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed.

These things, to me, are expressions of love.Ā 

~Ā James Herriot

Have fun reading…


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Who Can Blame Them For Being Proud?


” Proud as a peacock.”

This is a saying that is used to mean a vain or self-centered person. The phrase comes from the plumage of the maleĀ peafowlĀ (females are peahens).

When a male is courting, he spreads his tail feathers, sometimes five feet in length, out in a fan pattern to attract a female. Thus, someone who is “proud as a peacock” is similarly “strutting his stuff.”

Extract taken from:Ā

Peacocks have been a symbol of wealth, beauty and rebirth since ancient times ā€” and a symbol of dangerous pride, as well. Their images could be found in early Christian tomb art, and were a favorite motif in ancient Rome and Byzantium.

In India, where peacocks originally come from, they were a symbol of royalty andĀ Indian rulers would have servants fan them with peacock feathers.

Peacocks and peacock imagery appeared in Western European design as well at this time, as on an English tureen and cover with a peacock feather motif from the 18th century.

It was near the end of the 1800’s that peacocks became particularly popular in Western visual culture.Ā The peacock continued as a favored motif into the Art Nouveau era.Ā Peacocks remain a popular motif today, perhaps because they can be beautiful as both a graphic image and as a representation of nature.

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Peacock A: Do you know why Peacock C still remains single today?

Peacock B: No, why?

Peacock A: Because he’s too humble.

This ‘joke’ just came into my head, may it bring a smile across your face.

Enjoy reading!

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Shake Your Bon-Bon…


Found this YouTube clip while searching for more information concerning peacocks and find it interesting.

Folk dance, called ā€œMayilattamā€ or ā€œthe peacock danceā€ is a very popular dance, where the artistes dress up like peacocks and imitate the dance of the peacock.

TheĀ Peacock DanceĀ is the most famous dance in Dai Minority area ā€“Ā YunnanĀ province, China.Ā In Dai peopleā€™s heart, peacock is theĀ symbol of beauty, happiness and luck. Of all kinds of dance of Dai Minority, the peacock dance is their favourite one.

Here are the features of the Peacock Dance:

  • The dancersā€™ knees always wave flexibly.
  • The movements are soft and elegant to show the docility of peacocks.
  • The performersā€™ legs move promptly and the eyes move flexibly to show the flexibility of the peacock.

Read more atĀ

The Pailin Peacock DanceĀ is a dance of Kola ethnic group, who live in the region of Pailin in the west of Cambodia.Ā Ā The dance relates to a Pailinian legend about a magic peacock who goes to preach to the King.

This lively dance is about commemorating this peacock which is a symbol of happiness.

The dance imitates the peacock with lively colors of beautiful wings, and suggests a courting scene between a peacock and a peahen.

The dance is said to bring happiness and prosperity to villagers, and is often performed during the New Year and ritual ceremonies in times of drought to pray for rain.

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A confused peahen (female peacock): Why are you dancing?Ā 

Peacock Dancer: Why can’t I dance?

The confused peahen (female peacock): I can’t marry you.

Peacock Dancer: …..

Have fun reading!

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Turtle vs Hare – Far Side

Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.
~Ā Bill Copeland


The famous story of the ‘TheĀ TortoiseĀ and the Hare’ is often used as a constant reminder for being persistent in achieving our goals and not being over complacent.

I’ve come across another version byĀ Lord Dunsany,Ā a prolific Irish author who is considered by many to be one of the major influences on fantasy and horror fiction of the 20th century, and finds it so ironic that once again I cannot help but to share. So here’s his version:


For a long time there was doubt with acrimony among the beasts as to whether the Hare or the Tortoise could run the swifter.Ā Some said the Hare was the swifter of the two because he had such long ears, and others said the Tortoise was the swifter because anyone whose shell was so hard as that should be able to run hard too.Ā And lo, the forces of estrangement and disorder perpetually postponed a decisive contest.

But when there was nearly war among the beasts, at last an arrangement was come to and it was decided that the Hare and the Tortoise should run a race of five hundred yards so that all should see who was right.

“Ridiculous nonsense!” said the Hare, and it was all his backers could do to get him to run.

“The contest is most welcome to me,” said the Tortoise, “I shall not shirk it.”

O, how his backers cheered.

Feeling ran high on the day of the race; the goose rushed at the fox and nearly pecked him. Both sides spoke loudly of the approaching victory up to the very moment of the race.

“I am absolutely confident of success,” said the Tortoise.Ā But the Hare said nothing, he looked bored and cross.

Some of his supporters deserted him then and went to the other side, who were loudly cheering the Tortoiseā€™s inspiriting words. But many remained with the Hare.

“We shall not be disappointed in him,” they said.Ā “A beast with such long ears is bound to win.”

“Run hard,” said the supporters of the Tortoise andĀ Ā “run hard” became a kind of catch-phrase which everybody repeated to one another.

“Hardshell and hard living. Thatā€™s what the country wants. Run hard,” they said.Ā And these words were never uttered but multitudes cheered from their hearts.

Then they were off, and suddenly there was a hush.Ā The Hare dashed off for about a hundred yards, then he looked round to see where his rival was.

“It is rather absurd,” he said, “to race with a Tortoise.” And he sat down and scratched himself.

“Run hard! Run hard!” shouted some.

“Let him rest,” shouted others and “let him rest” became a catch-phrase too.

And after a while his rival drew near to him.

“There comes that damned Tortoise,” said the Hare, and he got up and ran as hard as could be so that he should not let the Tortoise beat him.

“Those ears will win,” said his friends. “Those ears will win and establish upon an incontestable footing the truth of what we have said.”

Some of them turned to the backers of the Tortoise and said, “What about your beast now?”

“Run hard,” they replied. “Run hard.”

The Hare ran on for nearly three hundred yards, nearly in fact as far as the winning-post, when it suddenly struck him what a fool he looked running races with a Tortoise who was nowhere in sight, and he sat down again and scratched.

“Run hard. Run hard,” said the crowd.

“Whatever is the use of it?” said the Hare, and this time he stopped for good.

Some say he slept.Ā There was desperate excitement for an hour or two, and then the Tortoise won.

“Run hard. Run hard,” shouted his backers.Ā “Hard shell and hard living: thatā€™s what has done it.”Ā Then they asked the Tortoise what his achievement signified, and he went and asked the Turtle.

The Turtle said, “It is a glorious victory for the forces of swiftness.”

The Tortoise repeated it to his friends. And all the beasts said nothing else for yearsĀ and even to this day, “a glorious victory for the forces of swiftness” is a catch-phrase in the house of the snail.

The reason that THIS VERSION of the race is not widely known is that very few of those that witnessed it survived the great forest-fire that happened shortly after whichĀ came up over the Weald by night with a great wind.

The Hare, the Tortoise and a very few of the beasts saw it far off from a high bare hill that was at the edge of the trees, and they hurriedly called a meeting to decide what messenger they should send to warn the beasts in the forest.


~ The End ~

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This is so funny! Can’t help but to share.Ā 

Have fun reading!

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The Beauty of Twists and Curls


Life is filigree work.

What is written clearly is not worth much, it’s the transparency that counts.

~ Louis-Ferdinand Celine

The English word filigree is shortened from the earlier use ofĀ filigreenĀ which derives from latin “filum” meaning thread or wire and “granum” grain, in the sense of small bead.

Though filigree has become a special branch of jewellery in modern times, it was historically part of the ordinary work of the jeweler. It is probable that inĀ IndiaĀ and various parts of central Asia filigree has been worked from the most remote period without any change in the designs.

The art may be said to consist in curling, twisting and plaiting fine pliable threads of metal, and uniting them at their points of contact with each other.Ā Small grains or beads of the same metals are often set in the eyes of volutes, on the junctions, or at intervals at which they will set off the wirework effectively. The more delicate work is generally protected by framework of stouter wire.

Filigree jewelry design, and its twisting and soldering techniques, have an application in other metal-work such as wrought iron hanging wall brackets and silertoned doors.

Read more atĀ


A simple wall bracket: What did you do to your hook?

A filigree-designed wall bracket: Err…I went for an extreme makeover.

Have fun reading!

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Can I change?


“A leopard cannot change its spots.”

I guess this is a very common phrase so decided to share with you all a cute comic found at

If we don’t change, we don’t grow.

If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.

Gail Sheehy

Have fun reading~

Till then,

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I Think I Am…

These two cute and lovely birds have given me a wide smile and I just need to pen down some words!

I do hope they will have the same effect on all lovely souls out there, reading this post!

I Think I Am (Ajaytao)


The key is falling in love with something, anything.

If your heart’s attached to it, then your mind will be attached to it.

~ Vera Wang

So, Ā what are you still waiting for?

Let’s start falling in love now!

Falling in love with your beautiful and yet bittersweet life!

Till then,

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Bright Side Or Dark Side?

27032013 - Bright Side

GoodĀ things can be bad if you look at the dark side.

Bad things can be good if you look at the bright side.

~ Unknown

I would like to share with you lovely souls a very inspiring commercial that definitely sets a new benchmark in positiveness.

Have a wonderful and lovely Wednesday!

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