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New Listing and New Section

Symplestuff in Life

When we first started stepping into our handcrafting journal, we didn’t really know how far we could go. Therefore, we’ve included all our handcrafted items with the other items that we are currently selling.

However, after reading some comments, especially from our ‘Featured Loves’ posts,  it seemed that we’ve unintentionally misled many lovely souls into thinking that we’ve created each and every one of them.

A mistake is to commit a misunderstanding.
~ Bob Dylan


In order to be fair to the original creators of those lovely jewelries that we have been selling and not to claim any credits that we don’t deserve, we’ve set up a new section inside our humble online shop for all our handcrafted items.

Beads N Pieces

At the moment, this section will consist of everything that we’ve crafted and perhaps in the near future, when we’re having more items, we will further categorize them.

We would like…

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Candies For Your Finger Nails

Symplestuff in Life

Did You Know:

Painting the nails with coloured nail polish (also called nail lacquer and nail varnish) to improve the appearance is a common practice dating back to at least 3000 B.C.

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Happy Shopping with Us and Cheers!!

(We will be back in March 2015)

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Will You Pose?

Clouds N Cups, Be With Us

New Toy New Fur 1

New Toy New Fur 2

Be happy with what you have and are,

be generous with both

and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.

~ William E. Gladstone 

New Toy New Fur 3

New Toy New Fur 4

New Toy New Fur 5

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

~ Mother Teresa

New Toy New Fur 6

This is the first time that Kerby is willing to pose for a photo

ヽ(´▽`)/ YAY ヽ(´▽`)/

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend ahead!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

Our Fimo Nail Art Decor

Handcraft Jewelry Banner

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Ring-A-Ling-A-Ring @ Clouds N Cups

Symplestuff in Life

Did You Know:

The custom of giving and receiving finger rings dates back over approximately 6,000 years.

The use of the fourth finger of the left hand (the ‘ring finger’) is associated with an old belief that the left hand’s ring finger is connected by a vein directly to the heart: the vena amoris or vein of love.

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Our Vintage Inspired Re-sizable Rings

Happy Shopping with Us and Cheers!!

(We will be back in March 2015)

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Beads N Pieces Latest Product Listing – 5th Dec 2013

Stepping Stones

Symplestuff in Life

As according to Merriam Webster,

  1. a large, flat stone that you step on to cross a stream
  2. something that helps you get or achieve something

If you make an error, use it as a stepping stone to a new idea you might not have otherwise discovered.~ Roger von Oech 

Thus, here are some of those lovely stepping stones which helped us discovered many new ideas:

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Our Handcrafting Journal’s Latest Updated – 25th Nov 2013

Symplestuff in Life

Phew! We’ve managed to make a little revamping for this page and now it has been updated with a few more of our bittersweet joy.

Here are a few of our favourite ones:

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