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When trouble comes, it’s your family that supports you.

~ Guy Lafleur


Don’t just share love with the ones you love

Share them your pains as well

Don’t ever think that sharing pains is a selfish thing to do

Being selfish is not sharing your pains when you know they really care

The worst torture

Is to to be totally clueless

About the pains that someone you love has been suffering in silent

One may have crossed over to the other side

Leaving the pains of guiltiness to the ones who have not

Don’t just share love with the ones you love

If you know they truly love you

Share them your pains as well


Two days ago, a very quiet girl, leading a very quiet life of nineteen years, withered quietly away.

The only child so precious to this family of three but being abruptly taken away.

We were being told that it might have been the stress from her final year project or perhaps, as according tot he doctor, a clotted blood was the reason…but her parents couldn’t recall any disastrous event that might induce a clotted blood.

She was the gem of the family, how would they not know if something terrible has happened to her?

Unless, she had chosen not to tell or she just didn’t know how to express?

The actual cause of her death still remains as a mystery and we might never know.

The only thing we can see now is the guilt on her parents’ faces.


Pain shared, my brother, is pain not doubled but halved.

No man is an island

~ Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys