We’ve started this “Let’s Play’ event since 17th April 2013 and how time flies, it is already the 13th day of the month June!

And it is time to wrap this event up and move on to another Let’s Play activity as we’ve managed to received 10 entries!


However, before wrapping up, we would like to present the last 4 entries by the following lovely souls:

Let's Play - 7th Entry By Michael

Write It Out – 7th Entry By Michael

I always visit Michael’s blog for a quick dose of vitamin for my soul as we need to constantly remind ourselves to be kind to others and of course, to ourselves as well. Do you need a dose of vitamin, not just for your body, but your soul as well? Visit his lovely blog and pamper your soul with his enlightening words of wisdom. 

Thank you,  Michael!

Let's Play - 8th Entry By Catherine Johnson

Write It Out – 8th Entry By Catherine Johnson

Catherine has a very versatile soul and you will be able to realize this virtue via reading her lovely blog. She is also one of the sweet souls who has extended her love for our humble blog via Tweeter.

Thank you, Catherine!

Let's Play - 9th Entry By Gregory

Write it Out -9th Entry By Gregory

Is your restless soul craving for some beautiful flowers to look at? If yes, you may consider visiting Gregory’s lovely blog. His flowers always managed to cheer me up and I bet they will have the same effect for you lovely souls as well since it is always restful to look at flowers.  

Thank you, Gregory!

Let's Play - 10th Entry By Shruti

Write It Out – 10th Entry By Shruti

Awww…Shruti is a lovely lady with a sweet and adorable soul and has been playing a very supportive role in our blogging days. Her lovely blog consists of lovely poems to write-out for certain products or services…that’s Shruti’s style.

By the way, this entry is her second submission as well. 

Thank you, Shruti!

Since this is a wrap-up post for our Write-it-Out activity, how can we possibly miss out thanking all the lovely souls who have brightened our days by being us with!

Lovely Souls Being With Us Part 1

Lovely Souls Being With Us Part 2

All the 10 poem entries will be uploaded to our Clouds N Cups blog and our Facebook Page during the next few days time for voting purpose.

Please be so kind to cast your vote (For voting at our blog) or press the like button (For voting at our Facebook Page) for your favourite poem.

The poem with the most number of votes (tabulated from number of votes from blog and ‘likes’ received from our Facebook page), the lovely soul will be receiving a bookmark with his/her poem.


If any lovely soul out there is interested to receive the above bookmark+necklace set, all you have to do is to leave a comment at the post of your favourite poems telling us that you are interested in taking part in this give-away event after you’ve voted.

The winner will be picked randomly after the voting session.

Last but not least, here’s another lovely song to share with all lovely souls out there who are reading this post right now.

Keep smiling, keep shining!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~


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