Recently, I’ve found this new theme “Chalkboard” and fell in love with it immediately.

However, due to the amount of posts we already have in Be With Us and Share With Us, it is difficult to use the theme on them and so, I decided to use the theme on our initial blog – Clouds N Cups – which was originally meant for all the comic strips done by Baby Sis.

Ever since she has started working full time, it was being neglected.

I think it is a waste since Β it bears the actual name of our humble little online store and I won’t be able to move all my posts to this URL.

Now, I’ve finally found a reason to restore and revamp it using this lovely theme…meaning, I now have 3 blogs to maintain…lol…

Anyway, if you do have any extra time to spare, please do pay us a visit over there:Β 

Today happens to be Baby Sis’ last day of work and she will be taking a short break before starting work in May. I’ve requested her to come out with some comics and let’s see if she is able to grant my little request…LOL…

By the way, it seems that WordPress is not allowing us to ‘like’ the posts that we’ve read, so if you’ve been receiving lesser ‘likes’ from us lately, it doesn’t mean that we are not visiting.Β 


Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead~ πŸ˜€

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ πŸ˜€