The Roud Folk Song Index is a database of nearly 200,000 references to nearly 25,000 songs that have been collected from oral tradition in the English language from all over the world; compiled by Steve Roud, a former librarian in the London Borough of Croydon.

The purpose of the index is to give each song a unique identifying number.

Because of the practicalities of compiling the index, it is true as a general rule that older and better-known songs tend to occupy low numbers, while songs which are obscure have higher numbers.


Star light, star bright

The first star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight.

Star Light, Star Bright”  has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 16339.

The superstition of hoping for wishes granted when seeing a shooting or falling star may date back to the ancient world.

Wishing on the first star seen may also predate this rhyme, which first begins to be recorded in late nineteenth-century America.

The song and tradition seem to have reached Britain by the early twentieth century and have since spread worldwide.

Above information extracted from:,_Star_Bright

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