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We’re supposed to post out “Featured Love” on the 27th of every month and we are one day late this month because my brain wasn’t ready to work after two days of non-stop fun staring at those screens (both big and small).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely souls who are kind enough to leave us very encouraging words at our comment boxes during those 4 days of M.I.A ~ Muahk!

Okay, now back to the latest content of our ‘Featured Love‘.

Besides the usual 20-25% discount coupon, we’ve added another all-year-round discount coupon which doesn’t require you to send us any e-mail in order to get a coupon code:

Code to enter between 27 Mar and 26 Apr

Code to enter between 27 Mar and 26 Apr

Decipher the above code using the ‘Wingdings’ font and enter it during view cart in order to enjoy a 15% discount applied to your final purchase (no minimum order required).

Just like the coupon design, the code will be changed monthly; therefore do remember to always check for the latest code when you are ready to shop at Clouds N Cups. 

Here’s the Wingdings font table in their alphabetical order for your reference:

15 Perent Code - Wingdings Font Table


If 15% is still not enough to optimize that dollar of yours, no worries; the obtaining of our 20% coupon code is still available:

CNC Coupon 4 - 27th March 2013If you are new to how to obtain the coupon code, do check out our ‘Optimize Your Dollar‘ page for more details.


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