What colour comes to your mind on 17 March 2013, that is, if you are celebrating St Patrick’s Day?


Is it the colour green?




The color of St. Patrick was not actually green, but blue!

In the 19th century, however, green became used as a symbol for Ireland.

In Ireland, there is plentiful rain and mist, so the ‘Emerald Isle’ really is green all year-round. The beautiful green landscape was probably the inspiration for the national color.


One traditional symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day is the Shamrock and the Irish have considered shamrocks as good-luck symbols since earliest times. Today, people of many other nationalities also believe they bring good luck.

A Leprechaun is an Irish fairy who looks like a small, old man about 2 feet tall. He is often dressed like a shoemaker, with a crooked hat and a leather apron.

The name leprechaun comes from the old Irish word “luchorpan” which means “little body.” 

Leprechauns are also associated with St. Patrick’s Day although the only reason they are is because they’re Irish.

According to legend, leprechauns are aloof and unfriendly. They live alone, and pass the time making shoes. They also have a hidden pot of gold!

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Pot of Gold - 17-3-2013

The origin of this phrase is unknown but I’ve found a lovely meaning attached to this phase at Yahoo!Anwers:

It is a metaphor on how life can hand you storms, trials, tribulations but at the end of those trials and tribulations is a rainbow which represents God’s love and promise.

How you react and act during those times and how you treat others will depend on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which is a metaphor for a lesson learned and blessings received.

The rainbow connection

All of us under its spell

We know that it is probably magic

Someday we’ll find it

The rainbow connection

The lovers, the dreamers and me

Talking about rainbows, I would love to share with you lovely souls another one of my all-time favourite song — Rainbow Connection — you can find the lyrics over here.

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