Impossible - 15-3-2013

A lovely soul Fashion Mayann left us a comment after reading “Mission Impossible???”:

 In France, we have this saying : “Impossible is not French” !!! Have a bright day ! 

I was very intrigued by this saying and decided to check it out. Here are the information that I’ve extracted from

Meaning of this say

There’s no such thing as can’t

This French expression is actually a proverb, equivalent to “there’s no such thing as can’t” or simply “nothing is impossible.”

In French, you should never say that something is impossible, because – according to the proverb – impossible isn’t even a French word.

Likewise, in English, you should never say that you “can’t” do something because the concept of “can’t” doesn’t exist.

In other words, nothing is impossible and there isn’t anything you can’t do.

Here’s another lovely comment that we’ve received from Samantha @ Bondingtool concerning this topic:

I saw a picture of fish climbing tree once and another of different animals made to perform tasks not suitable for them.

Yeah… Nothing is impossible :D

Always remember one important thing

  Although nothing is impossible

It doesn’t mean that you can do whatever your heart wants you to do

Doing the same thing with different intentions

May it be good or bad

It it entirely up to you to decide

The result might be the same

What matter most is

The initial intention

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend ahead!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~