As I was doing my routine blog reading, I came across a picture and words came into my mind.

Since a lovely friend of mine, Shruti has asked me to do a poem post with her, I guess I need more oiling in my writing before agreeing to her request.

Here’s the picture extracted from a blog by the name of  Luv Life

Alone…Waiting….by Karenyim

What’s In Your Eyes?

I can see many budding flowers

Oh…it’s spring

Your eyes brightening up with love

When you look into mine


I can feel the scorching sun

Oh…it’s summer

Your eyes glistening with excitement

Whenever I catch the ball


I can see many falling leaves

Oh…It’s autumn

Your eyes filling with happiness

When you put on that beautiful white gown


I can see a snow man

Oh…It’s winter

Those two unfeeling button eyes staring at me

As I wonder what’s in your eyes when the flakes are falling

Hope you all enjoy reading this.

Have a great day ahead!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀