Dogs have lived and worked, in addition to their roles as companions to humans, earned them the unique nickname, “MAN’S BEST FRIEND”.

A Dog - 8-2-2013

Have you ever wonder where the old saying, “A man’s best friend is his dog, came from?

In 1821, a US newspaper appeared in print in The New-York Literary Journal, Volume 4:

The faithful dog – why should I strive 

To speak his merits, while they live 

In every breast, and man’s best friend 

Does often at his heels attend.

In 1870, a farmer in Warrensburg, Missouri by the name of Charles Burden, whose favorite hound, Old Drum, was shot by a neighbor & brother-in-law, Leonidas Hornsby. 

Hornsby had sworn to shoot the first sheep-killing dog that came onto his land and carried out his threat when one night a dog was found prowling in his yard.

That dog was Old Drum.

Man's best friend

A statue of Old Drum, as the deceased beast was called, stands outside the town’s courtroom.

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Senator George Graham Vest won a court battle and the hearts of dog lovers everywhere when he paid his famous tribute – The Eulogy to The Dog –  to Old Drum in his closing argument during this Burden vs. Hornsby court case in Warrensburg.

The award of $50 in damages to Burden for the loss of his favorite hunting dog was upheld.

While no record was kept of the last half of Vest’s tribute to a dog, the first portion has fortunately been preserved. It was this speech that originated the saying, “A man’s best friend is his dog.”

The Dog Eulogy - Part 1

First Part

The Dog Eulogy - Part 2

Second Part

Sadly for the Warrensburg Tourist Board,  Senator Vest didn’t originate the phrase, but he may have read it from the newspaper in 1821.

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