A lovely soul by the name of LindaGargiulo has touched our heart in this project because she has invited two friends of hers to help us with the translation.

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Without further adieu, here are the translations given to us by Linda and her wonderful friends:

“What comes free, has a sweet stay, and is soon to go.”

Translated by Linda

“What is free is yet to come, what is sweet stays, what came for a brief moment had to go.”

Translated by Linda’s friend. 

“May you arrive freely, may your stay be sweet, and may you leave for a short while”

Translated by Carl (Linda’s friend)

As I was re-reading all the comments, I realized that I’ve missed out the translation done by Julespaige:

“What is free is sweet. Let it be, for it is briefly with us.”

We’ve managed to rearrange the words and present you with our interpretation inspired by the above translations

Our Project - Part 2

This interpretation is similar and yet slightly different from the previous one because we are making word ‘brief’ as an individual element whereas the word ‘brief’ was used as a summary for whatever is free or sweet.

So, this post kind of wrap up our first project.

Which interpretation do you prefer? Or perhaps which interpretation do you think is closest to the original one?

You will sure brighten our days if you can share with us your insightful thoughts by leaving us your comment in this post.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~