It all started with this lovely picture with a quote in a language that I do not understand.

And we received responses from many lovely souls out there who are kind enough to spare some of their precious time to help us google (those like me, who didn’t know this language), translate (those who knew this language) and some even asked their friends to help us with the translation of the above quote.

It seems that it is a quote by Mozart and the exact words in English is still yet to be found.

Personally speaking, I don’t think there is right or wrong in the meaning of a quote, only inspirational or not, enlightening or not. Different people may have different interpretations when reading the same quote.

The words ‘Part 1’ indicate that there will be a few more posts related to this topic in the future because we are trying to compile the translated version by turning them into similar/new quotes in English, inspired by the original quote — this is the beginning of our first project.

First thing first, we would like to thank wonderful MuZer for being the first one to respond to our call of help and lovely Kiotta for taking the trouble to try searching the web for more information.

In order to provide us with more accurate translation, she had translated the quote into French and then to English. Here’s her translation:

“That’s what you get for free. That’s what will nicely stay. And this is what will soon go.”

Later in the day, we’ve received comments from lovely Lúcia VicenteIggandfriends and JulesPaige

‘This is what is freely given. Stay in this sweet moment, for it will soon move on.’

Translated by Iggandfriends

Here’s the first quote that we’ve done by re-arranging the exact words translated by Lúcia Vicente & interpreted by JulesPaige:

Our Project - Part 1

I guess the word ‘Free‘ is referring to having a ‘free and open mind ‘ or maybe a ‘free will in making decision’‘  rather than something that is F.O.C.

All the events  happening in life really just come and go in a blink of an eye, why not choose to remember the sweet ones and have a free and open mind towards those nasty ones?

Last but not least, I’ve used the song Que Sera Sera to conclude the above quote.

Feel free  to let us  know your P.O.V at the comment section.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post and this lovely song.

Till then,

Have a great Sunday ahead, TTFN & Cheers~