HoHoDooDa 16

Ho~ Ho~ Ho~ 

Merry Christmas to you all lovely souls out there!

It is already 25th December 2012 in Singapore. We are having a really cool morning and I am still limping around happily inside my house.

So it means I will still be home bound on this wonderful day – sitting on my working couch, watching TV, reading blogs and now, typing out this blog…lol… 😉

As a matter of fact, I’ve no intention in blogging today since I’ve already uploaded 2 posts yesterday.


See? There is always a ‘but’…

I came across the above picture while reading the blog of this lovely soul — maddie22201 — and I LOVE IT and so I decided to ‘make it mine’ by sharing it with you all!! Hehehe~

I am not sure if this drawing was done by her because she did not mention it in that particular post…but I still love most of her works.

So, if you are interested in blogs with paintings, drawings and doodles…her blog is just a click away~ 


The journey most definitely begins within.

The reason why I am not re-blogging this is because I want to include a video of Michael Buble’s Winter Wonderland in this post (because the moment I saw this picture, this song popped into my head).

I noticed that it is not possible to do it in a re-blog. If any one of you lovely souls knows how to do it, please let me know.

Thanks~ 😀

Hope you all enjoy this blog recommendation and also the song.


Till then,