Love is how you earn your wings.
– Karen Goldman

I’ve an app in my personal Facebook — A Message from God — which I’ve been using it for many years, especially whenever I am at my deepest, darkest hour.

It has been quite a while since I last visited my Facebook page; today as I logged in, the following is the message I received:

The sincere compliments you receive are your jewels, – collect them in your heart, – they highlight the beauty of your being and empower you during challenging times.

Never say ‘oh, it’s nothing’ or shrug your shoulders when you hear a sincere compliment.

Pause, breathe it in, and really feel its meaning.

To be frank, the initial idea to start this blog was mainly meant for the publicity of our little ย internet business. However, it was via all those lovely comments that I’ve received that made me think twice about the direction of this blog.

Do I just want people to come to this blog just to look at some accessories (which might not interest them at all) or do I want to provide something informative, interesting and most of all, inspiring for those lovely souls who had stumbled upon our humble blog and even if they are not interested in our accessories, they could bring something back with them.

After receiving this message, I am even more assured that I’ve made a correct choice with the direction I am heading towards with this blog because I am not only selling fashion jewelries, I am also receiving and collecting all these wonderful pieces of jewelries from you lovely souls out there, inside my heart.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all the wonderful and lovely souls out there who have bother to spare a little of their time to leave us a comment and allowing us to earn our wings with your love.

Have a great Sunday ahead!

Till then,