~ The Festive Period ~

The Twelve Days of Christmas are the festive days beginning Christmas Day (25 December). This period is also known as Christmastide and Twelvetide.

In England in the Middle Ages, this period was one of continuous feasting and merrymaking, which climaxed on Twelfth Night, the traditional end of the Christmas season.

The early North American colonists brought their version of the Twelve Days over from England, and adapted them to their new country, adding their own variations over the years. For example, the modern-day Christmas wreath may have originated with these colonials

Currently, the twelve days and nights are celebrated in widely varying ways around the world. For example, some give gifts only on Christmas Day, some only on Twelfth Night, and some each of the twelve nights.

Extracted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_Days_of_Christmas

~ The Song ~

The Twelve Days of Christmas” is an English Christmas carol that enumerates a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Although the specific origins of the chant are not known, it possibly began as a Twelfth Night “memories-and-forfeits” game, in which a leader recited a verse, each of the players repeated the verse, the leader added another verse, and so on until one of the players made a mistake, with the player who erred having to pay a penalty, such as offering up a kiss or a sweet.

Textual evidence indicates that the song was not English in origin, but French, though it is considered an English carol.

There are many variations of this song in which the last four objects are arranged in a different order (for example—twelve lords a-leaping, eleven ladies (or dames a-) dancing, ten pipers piping, nine drummers drumming).

In the nineteenth century, most sources for the lyrics do not include music, and those that do often include music different from what has become the standard melody.

In 1909, English composer Frederic Austin wrote an arrangement and the melody from Austin’s arrangement has since become standard. Austin’s was also one of the earliest, and possibly the earliest, to substitute “Four calling birds” for the earlier “Colly birds”.

The lyrics of The Twelve Days of Christmas may have no meaning at all. Its meaning, if it has any, has yet to be satisfactorily explained.

According to The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes, “Suggestions have been made that the gifts have significance, as representing the food or sport for each month of the year.”

Extracted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Twelve_Days_of_Christmas_(song)

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