I’ve received a comment from Dearie meandjd about the above nomination. She is one of ladies who is playing the game Minecraft when I blogged about this topic in my other blog — Clouds N Cups, Be with Us — and I am so happy to receive her response about playing the game.

As a matter of fact, Dearie designer22 had nominated our humble blog as well for the same award in September but I was busy with all kinds of things…gosh…those crazy days…

I guess I’d better do a post of this award nomination before I forget.

Okay, let’s start:

What is this Sunshine Award?

The award is given and passed on to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”

Definition extracted from Meandjd’s blog…lol…

Wow, I am actually quite happy to get nominated….I do hope the positiveness and creativity juices in my head will not be drying out too fast…hehe…;)

Rules and regulations

  • Copy and paste the logo in your post 
  • Acknowledge the person who gave this award in a blog post
  • Answer eight questions
  • Nominate 10 other people

The above are the standard rules and regulations, perhaps I may just have to break a rule or two…oh…there are only four rules eh??

Now let’s see what questions do we need to answer:

As designer22 did not include her 8 questions in her nomination, so I think I will just answer the 8…or 10 questions from meandjd’s nomination, I am not sure which 10 questions she wanted us to answer, but I’ll just answer the first 10 questions:

 Where do you see yourself 5 years from now 

  • 5 YEARS FROM NOW???? Gosh~ I would be hitting the BIG 4-0!! Meandjd!! That is such a sad question to answer because it kinda reminded me of my…sob*sob*….you know what… sob*sob*…5 years from now (yiaks~ I actually typed 5 days from now) I do hope my little online business would go auto-piloting so that I can be a 40-Year-Old Lady who is still blogging away spreading positive thoughts and yes…playing Minecraft…lol…that would be an ideal life… 😉

Who was your favorite celebrity as a child?

  • A local actress by the name of Xiang Yun (向云) who happened to be one of the pioneer artists in our local media industry. Loved her acting since I was the age of 5  and still loving her till today…hehe… 

What is your favorite food?

  • FOOD!! I always tell my mom that I don’t eat to live but live to eat…lol…so I love all kinds of food, especially those cooked by my mummy dearest…she’s the best (in my heart)….I don’t mind trying any kind of food as long as they are meant for vegetarians.

 If you were invisible, where would you go? 

  • Hmmm…this depends, if I’ve to be stark naked in order to stay invisible, I would probably stay at home. If not, I would go anyway but staying at home.

What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?

  • I remembered once I received a call from an end-user requesting to purchase a spare part and we decided to give it to her without charging her. She told me that she would make the collection after her trip to Hong Kong. It was like weeks later that she came to my office for the collection. Guess what? She brought me a little gift from Hong Kong. It was such a kind gesture for not taking things for granted. It may not be the kindest thing anyone has done for me, but it would be one of the most memorable lesson for me to learn from her. 😀

What was your favorite sitcom growing up?

  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the first sitcom that I watched without any Chinese subtitles when I was a little girl. Love it!! 

How many bottles of nail polish do you have? How many is too many?

  • Hmm…it should be how many bottles of nail polish does my baby sister have? Lol…because she is the one buying and I am the one using…so I don’t really count how many bottles we have.
  • How many is too many? When you thought you’ve just bought a new colour and found the same colour (unused) in your collection, that is too many…

What celebrity crush have you had?

  • Oh~ Oh~ I’ve had a short crush on Brad Pitt when I watched ‘Meet Joe Black’…he is sooooo handsome in that movie…

Where do you live and why do you like to live there?

  • I live in Singapore…a tiny island country in Southeast Asia…(a little red dot in the world map). I like living here because of the environment and most important factor is that all my loved ones are here as well…hehe…

I am not sure if I need to answer the other 10 questions, but meandjd, if you want me to answer those, just drop me a comment and I will answer those in one of our future posts.


Before I forget, Dearie meandjd has nominated me the above award as well in September, so just wanted to thank her for that since Liebster is a German word for “most favourite” or “dearest”. 

~ Thank you meandjd ~

Muakk~ Muahkkk~ Muahkk~


As a matter of fact, I will normally recommend blogs that I would like to share with you lovely souls, therefore I don’t think I will include 10 links here just for the sake of this nomination.

However, here are the links of the blogs owned by some lovely souls who had motivated/encouraged me and kept me alive in this world of blogging (Oh, meandjd, you are one of them too but I don’t need to put a link here right??? Hehehe…):

  • On a Voyage of HappYness – “I choose happiness over suffering, making space for unknown future to fill up my life with unknown surprises.”
  • AddGrainOnEarth” Every post has its own characteristic. It conveys a story of its own, and the life of its owner.”

Last but not least, I would love to dedicate the following YouTube video to all the lovely souls out there who are now reading this post.


Till then,

Have a great Tuesday ahead!

Cheers & TTFN~