After launching our latest collection yesterday, I’ve decided to give myself a break today 😀

Went to visit my grandmother this morning with my dearest mommy until noon time because we’ve had a lunch appointment with another friend.

My friend gave us two free vouchers to an alacarte buffet lunch because she couldn’t make it and today happens to be the last day before the voucher expires. So, we’ve invited another friend to join us (it is difficult to have only two people eating alacarte meals) and we split the walk-in amount (we don’t need to pay because of the vouchers but still the 3rd person will need to pay for the full price) into 3 shares and thus everyone can get to enjoy an affordable lunch.

So, lunch was great!! 😀 Yep…a strategical 2-hour lunch…lol…you need to plan what to order so that you can get to have more variety and yet not being wasteful.

Okay, enough of my blabbering…today, for Part 5 of Your Favourite Christmas Song,  I’ll include 3 videos in this post because these three lovely souls didn’t just share with us their favourite songs, but they provided us with the video links to their favourite songs.

How sweet~ 🙂

Now, we’ve ‘Santas Claus is Coming to Town’ by Frank Sinatra and this is ilovecolorblocks’ favourite Christmas song:

Next, we’ve another Jingle Bells, this video is by  Barbra Streisand and I love her rendition of this classic Christmas song. This happens to be Bridgitte Raven‘s favourite Christmas Song:

Fairytale of New York is findthedetails‘ favourite Christmas song. I’ve not heard of this song before and I am glad to know it now. 😀

Awww…sadly to say, the above 3 songs happen to be our last 3 song entries, simply because we are running out of song titles in our comment box 😦

So, if you are reading this post and liking what we are doing AND have not yet share with us your favourite Christmas song, do you care to share with us? 😉

My favourite Christmas song is Jingle Bell Rock!

So, what’s yours??

Hope you enjoy these videos handpicked by the above three lovely souls.

Till then,

Keep the song titles rolling in…



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