How time flies, it is Monday again.

Are you having any Monday Blues???

I hope not because it marks the beginning of a brand new week (hmm…or is it Sunday?? I get a little confuse sometimes)…so let’s just put a smile on our faces because I know my smile has not faded yet.


You might ask.

We are happy because we’ve received some experiences sharing comments and some very encouraging ones too.

Thank you to all you kind and lovely souls out there who’ve been reading our blog and sparing their precious time to drop us lovely comments/replies.

Muahkkkk~ 😀

Monday is also the day when we start preparing for a new collection and today is the day (yippee!!). Hopefully we are able to launch them in a few days time.

As half a day was spent for photo taking and product packing, we will just cut this post short with more of your favourite Christmas songs:

One Child by Mariah Carey is the favourite Christmas song of Chocolatelady555

Run Run Rudolph by Chuck Berry is the favourite Christmas song of Egghead23


We’ve received more Christmas song titles and some which I don’t know of but now I get to know about those lovely songs.

How nice~

Do keep the Christmas song titles flowing in~ 😀

If you’ve just stumbled upon this humble blog of ours, do let us know what is your favourite Christmas song and you can tell us in this post as well since we will continue with this until 25th Dec 2012.

Till then,

Have a nice Monday!

(Shoo, shoo Monday Blues~)

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