I do hope my miracle will happen soon….so, I won’t give up! Cheers!! 😀

Light and Spirit

I feel like I’m on a roll right now. I seem to get into a bit of a rut when my life gets busy and I don’t have a chance to blog as often as I’d like. As well, the creative juices seemed to have slowed in this cold weather. Today was a warmer day, so they must have started running again.

I saw this photo on Pinterest the other day via zsazsabellagio.blogspot.com


I’ve heard this quote many times before, and my blog is a perfect reminder. Whenever I think of slowing down a bit and perhaps decide to blog a little less, it is like the floodgates open and out pours the thoughts.

There have been a few occasions where I felt like quitting, and needed to remind myself the finish line is right up ahead.

Keep your chin up, you’re so close. Have a fantastic week!

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