I love rings with elongated designs wrapping around my finger however I once had a very bad experience of having the ring stuck to my finger and soap water was needed to pull it off. 😦

Well, I am not a jewelry guru so I am only sharing (via my observation) with you all how we can determine if we should push the ring all the way in before it gets stuck because this will normally happen when the diameter of your finger is very close to the ring but slightly bigger:

It is not advisable to slip the ring into a straight finger because if the diameter of your finger is very close to the ring diameter, the ring may still be able to slip in but difficult to pull it out. (This was exactly what had happened to me :()

It will be better to gauge whether your finger is bigger than the size of the ring by bending your finger a bit as you slip the ring in.

My middle finger was a little bigger than the diameter of the ring but still I was able to slip the ring in when my finger was in a straight position shown in the first picture.

When I bent my finger a little while slipping the ring on, the ring would not be able to slip all the way in (then it would not get stuck!).

The size of my ring finger is the same as the diameter of the ring, thus even when in a bent angle the ring could still easily slip in and pulling it out is as simple as ABC! 😀

Of course, if you have similar bad experience and have better ideas, do share it with us.

May you all enjoy reading this post!

Till then,


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