How time flies, it is another Friday and the coming week will be the last week of October.

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As I was running through our products when doing our product pricing, I noticed that I seemed to have purchased quite a few owl-related jewelries without realizing it and I couldn’t help but to wonder…is burning too much midnight oil indirectly turning me into an owl fanatic?

Woo~ woo~

Anyway, just last week we’ve had a private viewing session for one of my best friends and I didn’t realize that she’s so into owl-related stuff after being friends for almost 20 years (I know…I know….I am a bad friend) and bought a matching ring and necklace.

Today, we’ve another private viewing session for another friend of ours and it was basically like a VIP viewing session…pasta and lady earl grey tea for dinner before viewing and she was basically amazed by our prices even before we apply our ‘friendship discount’ and it kinda made me wonder if I am selling them too…hmmm…affordable?

Well, as long as we making a reasonable profit and it makes people happy, I don’t really mind. At least she left our house, a happy lady.

Okay, enough of my blabbering…

Today, I would like to recommend this blog which I’ve followed (no-string-attached) for quite a while:

An Owl a Day Keeps Burnout Away…right?

Although I don’t really leave the blogger any comment whenever I read this blog, I follow it religiously and liked almost each and every owl design because they are all so cool!

The blogger has given himself/herself a 365-day challenge to create an owl design a day and there are already 137 owl designs so far.

So, if you are interested in owls or perhaps nice art works, why not just visit this blog and press the like button if you find them delightful or amazing, it is just a click away.

Today is a holiday in Singapore but it makes no difference to me since I AM WORKING AT HOME…

Muahaaaaaa~ (evil grin) 

Okay, I am not that evil….hope you will enjoy the blog that I’ve recommended and have a GREAT GREAT weekend ahead!

Till then,