With the topic of this re-blog, I guess the picture of this piece of jewelry may just say a thousand words…

So, we need to live our life as if tomorrow will be the end of the world and we will learn to appreciate what is around us.

How time files, it is already Friday~ (and my shop is still not launching yet…sad…) so may everyone enjoys the weekend ahead with all your love ones.

Till then,


Herbert Mensah

Time is like the bullet to a marksman. Once fired they can never be taken back. The same is the case with an angry word uttered or negative deed done to another!

Once realised the best way to approach life is also to appreciate that today and tomorrow gives us another opportunity not to fire the bullet with negativity but to search the light and positivity with an accurate aim!

The challenge is to keep doing the positive when around you others seem bent on staying in darkness … and firing recklessly!

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